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We currently have several short courses on our training calendar!

Awakening Your Client’s Heart Magnet (3 Credits*)   
Unlocking Transition Anniversaries for Growth and Healing (3 Credits*)

There are no prerequisites for these courses---you will find them valuable whether you've just learned about our training courses or you've taken all of our full training programs.

*All Credits are awarded by Institute for Life Coach Institute through our partnership. If you are an ILCT Student, use the provided link to register through ILCT. If you are not an ILCT student, register on this site and we can work with you to take the steps necessary to obtain your credits.

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Awakening Your Client’s Heart Magnet (3 Credits)

While working with clients going through life and career transitions, Carol McClelland Fields recognized that most people don't have a clear way to discern whether they are drawn to or repelled by aspects of their life. Without this essential internal knowing, clients feel lost, unable to make decisions that aligned with their goals, values, and needs. They run their life based on a series of "shoulds" that make life tolerable rather than a sequence of wants and desires that create a thriving life they love.

The Heart Magnet, this internal knowing that tells a client they want more of something or less of something, is like a muscle. If they haven't tapped into this inner knowing, if they were forced by recent life events or events in their childhood to just do what they had to do to get by, then this muscle has atrophied. When weakened it's hard to trust their own knowing because they have no way to know what's right for them.  

If you are working with clients who are rebuilding their life after a major transition or choosing to create a new aspect of their life, then this internal knowing is the first brick in building a thriving life! Without this inner knowing, it's impossible for your clients to make all the decisions and navigate all the choices involved in creating a life they will love.

In this 3 hour training program, you will gain a more thorough understanding of what the Heart Magnet is and how to know if a client's Heart Magnet has atrophied.

Upon completion of the training, you may weave the exercises in your coaching sessions. You may also purchase the entire Heart Magnet workbook to use as a guide while working with clients who are so out of touch with their Heart Magnet that they would benefit from the entire sequence of activities.

Awakening Your Client’s Heart Magnet
Training provided by Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC

Next Training:

Wednesdays, June 19th and 26th
6:00 - 7:30 pm Eastern | 3:00 - 4:30 pm Pacific

  • 3 Credits

  • 39 page Training Manual with 28 different activities you can incorporate into your sessions to help clients wake up and reconnect with their Heart Magnet.

    • Six specific exercises help clients identify the feelings they get when they are drawn to something, or repelled by something. With this information, the client can begin to use their Heart Magnet to guide their decisions and choices about any area of their life.

    • Twenty-two activities you can use to awaken and strengthen your client's Heart Magnet. These activities aren't paper and pencil exercises, but real-life activities and personal retreats that invite the client to practice navigating life using their new Heart Magnet. If you work with clients in person you could embark on these activities with their client or assign the activities to their clients and then have a coaching session afterwards to support the client in leaning in as they build their capacity to listen and act on their own inner wisdom.

    • A detailed Appendix with descriptions of circumstances that may make it difficult for clients to connect with their Heart Magnet and strategies to use when the going gets tough when your client.

  • Access to purchase client-centric Heart Magnet eBooks for your clients who are struggling to reconnect with their Heart Magnet.

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Awakening Your Client’s Heart Magnet
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Unlocking Transition Anniversaries for Growth and Healing (3 Credits)

Ever had a client who was doing well and all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, they slip into a deep funk? They have no idea what happened, they aren't sure what to "fix" in order to feel better. They are understandably frustrated and anxious.

The anniversaries of significant or traumatic transitions, both personal and collective, frequently trigger unresolved feelings. Learn ways to educate your clients about these anniversary reactions and acquire tools that will help your clients identify clusters of anniversaries that may unknowingly impact them each year. Through this process, powerful insights can be revealed about how events are interrelated. Clients will also learn how to prepare proactively for these meaningful times.

You'll also gain additional insights about how to support your clients in acknowledging and commemorating these anniversaries in a way that's healing and allows them to become whole again.

Unlocking Transition Anniversaries for Growth and Healing
Training provided by Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC

Next Training:

Wednesdays, July 24th and 31st
6:00 - 7:30 pm Eastern | 3:00 - 4:30 pm Pacific

  • 3 Credits

  • 41 page eBook with examples of the anniversary reaction, descriptions of anniversary dynamics and suggestions on how clients can commemorate their transitions.

  • A set of worksheets you can use with you clients to help them uncover key anniversaries that are impacting their life each year.

  • Access to client-centric eBooks for your clients.

I wanted to say a big massive thank you! This class rocks! Your Unlocking Transition Anniversaries for Growth and Healing class was absolutely awesome. We covered so much content in three short hours! I’ve gained insight on how to help clients go through difficult transitions and anniversaries. It was a pleasure working with you. I enjoyed your super cool energy! Best wishes,
— Amélie B.


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