Purpose Clarity: Turning Your Client's Passion into a Meaningful Direction    

The Purpose Clarity is a four-part coaching program, created by Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, that gives you a step-by-step framework for working with clients to help them convert their passions and interests into a clear purpose and direction.

The Purpose Clarity Program is a versatile program that helps you work with a wide variety of people who are:

  • Searching for their purpose in life

  • Looking for a new direction

  • Reevaluating their priorities

  • Craving more meaning in their life

Add the Purpose Clarity Program to your coaching work and receive 12 Credits

5 Core Competencies +
7 Resource Development

Earn the designation of Purpose Clarity Certified Coach


Coaches, Therapists, and Counselors:

If your clients are finding it difficult to figure out their focus.

  • They may not be completely clear what they enjoy

  • They may know they enjoy many things, but they can't pinpoint their main focus

  • They may have had a focus, but it isn't feeling solid any more

As a result of working through the Purpose Clarity Program, your clients will have:

  • More clarity about who they are and what gives them a sense of meaning

  • A clear statement of their purpose

  • Ideas about how they might bring purpose to their life through their work or service

  • An action plan to help them do just that

Who Benefits from Using the Purpose Clarity Program?

The Purpose Clarity Program is a versatile program that helps you work with a wide variety of people including those...

Wrestling with a life situation or transition - Your clients may be going through a major life transition, a personal awakening, or reinventing themselves after an illness, divorce, job loss, relocation, or disaster. Or they may be reclaiming/rediscovering their identity; identifying their future direction now that they aren't working, or dealing with changes in the composition of their family - empty nesters, parents of boomerang children, etc.

Trying to make a critical career decision - Your clients may be a graduating senior or recent graduate, seeking a job or changing careers, or returning to work after a stint of stay-at-home parenting, care giving, or illness. They may be evaluating their retirement options, or relocating military spouse or military personnel re-entering the civilian world.

Deciding about your academic future -Your clients may be trying to declare a major, figuring out what graduate school program to apply to, or making a decision to return to school.

Finding meaning in their life - Your clients may be retiring, volunteering, parenting, recovering from illness or injury. They are looking for direction in their life rather than in their career.

How Does the Purpose Clarity Program Work?

The Purpose Clarity is a four-part coaching program that helps you guide your clients through a process to convert their passions and interests into a clear purpose and direction.

    Part 1: Clients identify their passions and interests.
    Part 2: Clients brainstorm up to 40 ideas in less than an hour.
    Part 3: Clients use their top ten ideas to discover their purpose.
    Part 4: Clients create a plan for how to bring their purpose to life.

Purpose Clarity Training includes:

  • Training and detailed training manuals with suggested scripts and options for various situations.

  • The opportunity to go through the program yourself to discover your purpose. Coaches often gain key insights about the direction of their business or how to refine their own focus as a result of going through the Purpose Clarity Program.

  • The knowledge to guide clients through the Purpose Clarity Process to explore their favorite skills and interests, using those to brainstorm possible directions, bringing together a synthesized vision of their purpose, and developing an action plan that shows them how to bring their purpose to life.

  • Guidance as you work with a practice client throughout the course.

  • A license to purchase materials for client work after you've complete the training.

Upcoming Purpose Clarity Training: FALL 2019

Instructor: Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC
12 Credits

CLASS 1 SCHEDULE:  Wednesdays, Oct 2nd - Nov 20th - FULL

Next Class will likely be January 2020.

Please contact us to added to the early notification list.

3:30 - 5:00 PM Eastern | 12:30 - 2:00 PM Pacific - 90 min calls

Registration ends several days before the class begins so you have time to find a practice client who will work with you throughout the program. After you register, we will send you guidelines for choosing the best practice client.


Session 1:  Part 1: Preparing the Way

Session 2:  Part 1: Skills and Interests

Session 3:  Part 2: Brainstorming

Session 4: Part 2: Brainstorming (con't)

Session 5: Part 3 Synthesizing Tips

Session 6:  Part 3: Synthesizing Tips

Session 7:  Part 4: Next Step Action Plan

Session 8: Learn how to modify program for group retreats, weekly workshops, and one-on-one retreats

If you would like additional information, please contact us.

Cancellation Fee: $50; within two weeks of start of class - 50% refund; once course begins no refund.

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